15 of the Best Cities to Live In 2024

When thinking about cities, what pops into mind are the tall buildings and amazing skylines. There are thousands of cities, but many of them might not be the right one for you. Many look beautiful but might also be dangerous. When choosing the right place to settle, there are many factors to think about such as climate, family-friendliness, crime rates, and cleanliness to name a few. According to experts, there are only a select few cities that are considered safe and livable.

1. Perth, Australia

Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world. This city may not be big and busy, but you can still enjoy a nice and quiet lifestyle.

2. Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg is known for its media and large industries. The number of things to do in this city is limitless, especially at night. If you plan on throwing and going to parties, this city is right for you.

3. Ottawa, Canada


This city is the most educated in Canada with low unemployment rates and the highest income per household in the country. The healthcare quality is also considered the best in all of Canada. If you want to live in a clean city, this place is for you.

4. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Luxembourg City is a small city with extremely wealthy citizens. This city may not have a nightlife, but it does have some of the best sceneries. The suburbs are full of greenery, and the citizens are friendly. Living in a place like this is perfect for introverts.

5. Toronto, Canada


Toronto is a large city that is famous for its multiculturalism. The food, art, and festivals are diverse, and the people accept everyone. The transit system can bring you to about anywhere, even to the small suburbs surrounding in the city. You can settle in the city or the suburbs for peace and quiet.

6. Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, also known as the coastal city, offers the best education and healthcare in the world. Many activities and events can be found in every corner such as festivals and parties. The housing prices are affordable, even in an ever-growing economy. If you want to live in a coastal city with cheap housing, come to Melbourne.

7. Wellington, New Zealand


Wellington, also known as the coolest little capital in the world, is a cold city with temperatures between 19 and 24 degrees Celsius in the summer. What’s also great about this city is that everyone is friendly, the citizens care for the environment, and many events keep the city colorful and vibrant.

8. Bern, Switzerland


Bern is well known for its education, high standard of living, and housing many international companies. The cost of living, public transportation, and childcare costs are quite wallet-friendly in Bern. Settling down in this small city may be perfect for those who want to live in peace and away from city night lights.

9. Berlin, Germany


Berlin has many things to boast about like its employment rate, high standard housing, safety, and a never-ending nightlife. The nightlife in this city is fun with citizens dancing and partying everywhere you go. What’s also a plus is that the living costs in this city are cheap. If you plan on living in a place where people don’t sleep, go to Berlin.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is a hub that connects many nations. The diversity of this place helps foreigners learn about other people’s traditions without feeling any culture shock. Living in Amsterdam, you can expect a lot of social interaction with many citizens and foreigners. So, if you plan on making new friends from other countries, this place is a social wonderland.

11. Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich has one of the most expensive living costs in the world, but don’t let that bother you. The employment rate is very high with almost triple the salary from the same jobs outside of Europe. Also, consider Switzerland’s educational system, healthcare, cleanliness, and family-friendliness – it has the best in all of Europe.

12. Los Angeles, USA


This city is expensive to live in, but the job growth is expanding at a fast pace. When people think about Los Angeles, they don’t think about the job market, but instead they think about the nightlife. If you want to live in a place where “fun” is number one, Los Angeles is for you.

13. Chicago, USA


Chicago, also known as the Windy City, is humongous. Despite its large size and 2.7 million residents, it is quiet and peaceful. This city has improved a lot over the years, especially the job market, diversity of people, and culture.

14. Milan, Italy


Milan is Italy’s financial and business capital, but other than that, this place is the hub for Italian glamour. This city is widely known for their fashion, art, and beauty.

15. Singapore


This small country only has one city, but it contains more than 3 million citizens. The job market in Singapore is thriving with a maximum 2% unemployment rate. Traveling around the city is cheap and easy with their public transportation. Healthcare shouldn’t be a problem as it is extremely affordable.

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