7 Cool Animated Effects You Can Try On Google Serps

Google isn’t just for searches. The search engine also has some super cool animated effects. But you have to have the right keywords to be able to try it. 


Life is not always serious, sometimes you make room for fun and adventure. This is one of the reasons why Google likes to have fun too, at certain times. Especially when you come across his easter eggs. 

But in addition to the popular animations that we know, there are some that we come across by chance, in the course of a search. To that effect, here are 7 keywords for lively animated effects on Google search result pages.


Grogu or Mandalorian

Google is a fan of pop culture. The proof is that it often winks at the best films or TV series of the moment on its search engine. You can try to convince yourself of this by typing “ Grogu ” or “Mandalorian” in your google search bar. If you don’t know, it’s the name of the small child that the Mandalorian often brings with him and that we see on the posters of the Disney series. 



Grogu animated effects on google

When you type the name in the search bar, the character appears at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click or tap on him and he will use his magic to move every element on your screen.


Cordyceps animated effects


Cordyceps refers to the deadly champion responsible for the pandemic in The Last Of Us TV series. Google echoes this in particular by offering an animation when you search for it. 

Type “ Cordyceps ” in your search bar. A mushroom symbol appears in the bottom middle of your screen. As you click on it, the fungi will infect your entire screen.





Google and the news are a long-standing duo. Thus, one of the search engine’s latest easter eggs refers to the asteroid redirection test carried out by NASA. When you type the keyword into your search engine, Google shows you in miniature how NASA managed to deflect this space object. 


Drop Bear animated effects with google serp


The Drop Bear is actually an imaginary animal that we owe to Australian folklore. It is a kind of carnivorous koala that is used in stories to scare tourists. Literally, the name means “  Free Falling Bear

Drop Bear animated effect on google serp


When you type the name into your search bar, Google gives you a little animation. To see it, type “ Drop Bear ” on Google. On your right, you will see a panel swinging and ready to fall. Click on it and you will see how the bear falls.


Flip a coin

Flip a coin means “  to flip a coin ”. It is most often used to play heads or tails. It may therefore happen that you should play this game, but you do not have a coin on you. The solution is Google. Type “ Flip a coin ” in your search bar and the engine will offer you a virtual coin to flip. Simple! 


Flip a coin on google


Askew animated effects

In English, Askew means “not in a straight or level position”. And that’s just what your Google results page does. As soon as you enter the word there, you will find that the page has tilted slightly.


Do a barrel roll

These animated effects reference Nintendo’s Star Fox video game franchise. When you type “ Do a barrel roll ” in your search bar, the results page rotates twice on itself. Warning to the eyes!


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