Nitro Scholarship Legit Everything You Need to Know

Nitro scholarship is legit as it has been there since 2016, offering financial aid to needy students every month. In addition, no application or processing fee is needed, and Nitro has an official website and a physical address.

Of course, there are many other reasons the Nitro scholarship is not a scam. However, it is worth mentioning that this program is only for students who are legal residents of the USA. Also, anyone below 17 years old cannot apply for the scholarship.

So then, who exactly is eligible for the Nitro scholarship, and how does one apply? In this guide, we will explain everything there is to know about the scholarship.

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What Is a Nitro Scholarship?

As the name suggests, this is a scholarship program that offers financial support to high school, college, and university students. The program aims to ensure students have the resources necessary to successfully navigate financing college.

Generally, the sponsor of this program is Sallie Mae Bank (SLM). SLM is a publicly traded corporation in the U.S. that offers consumer banking. It has been in existence since the early 1970s and its headquarters are in Newark, Delaware.

However, only one student is awarded the scholarship every month, which comprises a $2,000 cash prize. As a parent, you can apply for the program on behalf of your child by mail or by filing an online application form. The deadline for applying is usually the last day of every month.

Is Nitro Scholarship Legit?

Now that you know what nitro scholarship is. But is it legit? Yes. Everything points to the fact that the $2,000 Nitro scholarship is legit. This is because, unlike scholarships that are a scam, Nitro has an official website where you can learn all about the program. On top of that, Nitro has been offering scholarships since 2016.

Additionally, the company has a physical address, and you can contact them via the Contact Us form on their website. As if that’s not enough, Nitro usually posts the list of winners on their website for everyone to see.

And unlike scam scholarship programs, Nitro does not award on a first-come basis. They also don’t create a false sense of urgency. Other reasons that make the Nitro scholarship legit include the following:

  • No application, processing fee, or purchase is required to apply and win the scholarship.
  • The company does not ask for unusual information like your social security number (SSN). Only Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should ask for your SSN.
  • No request for a bank account or credit card number.
  • No guarantee of winning once you’ve submitted your application.
  • The winner is selected through a random drawing from among all the eligible applicants.
  • The random drawings are usually conducted by an independent sweepstakes agency.
  • The scholarship’s winner must submit proof of enrollment in an accredited university or college before receiving the prize money.
  • There exist eligibility criteria that you must meet to qualify for the program.

Who is Eligible for Nitro Scholarship?

Since Nitro is legit, anyone can apply and win the scholarship if they meet all the eligibility requirements. For example, you must not be younger than 17 years old. You also must be a legal resident in the District of Columbia or one of the 50 states in the USA.

Besides that, you must satisfy any of the following nitro scholarship requirements:

  • Be a current high school senior studying at a U.S. high school.
  • Be a student already enrolled in an accredited college or university in the U.S.
  • Be a parent whose child is currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. high school, college, or university.
  • Be a parent currently paying back a loan for their child’s educational expenses after the kid has graduated from an undergraduate school.
  • Be a student, currently repaying a student loan after graduating from an accredited undergraduate school.

How To Apply For Nitro Scholarship

Like applying for federal financial aid, there are two ways to register for the Nitro scholarship. The most popular method is to fill out an application form online. Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Visit Nitro’s official website.
  • Step 2: Hover on the tab “scholarships” on the right side.
  • Step 3: Under the tab, choose Nitro $2,000 scholarship to access the application form.
  • Step 4: Fill out all the details in the application form, including whether you are a student or parent.
  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Submit my application’ tab in red color just below the form. You will receive one entry into the sweepstake.
  • Step 6: Wait for the winner to be announced.

You can also apply for the scholarship without completing the online application form. This is possible by mail. The procedure involves:

  • Step 1: Get a 3” x 5” card.
  • Step 2: Hand print your name, address, city, state, zip code, birth date, and daytime phone number on the card.
  • Step 3: Then, mail the card to the $2,000 Nitro Scholarship Sweepstakes Entry in a separate outer envelope. The address is 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.
  • Step 4: Before mailing the card, you must postmark it by the entry period end date.


Below, we will respond to some frequently asked queries regarding the Nitro scholarship being legit or not. Check them out.

Is it worth applying for a Nitro scholarship?

Yes, since it’s not a scam. Besides, it is free to apply for the scholarship, so you get to lose nothing. And as long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you’ve got a chance of winning a prize of $2,000.

What happens if I submit my application past the deadline date?

Unfortunately, your application will not be considered for that month. The good news is that it will be rolled over to the next deadline. So, you don’t have to make another application if you still need the scholarship

How long does it take to receive the prize after winning a Nitro scholarship?

Typically, it takes around 45 days. This is because Nitro has to verify certain things, including proof of the winner’s current enrollment in a recognized college or university. Also, the winner must sign an Affidavit of Eligibility and a liability waiver.

How many times can you apply for a Nitro scholarship?

You can apply as many times as you want. However, once you win the scholarship, you lose the chance to participate again in the program unless Nitro decides otherwise. This is meant to allow other applicants to receive financial assistance.

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