MySignature: Boost Your Personal Brand With This Free Electronic Signature Tool

electronic signature

Looking for an easy way to create an electronic signature? I believe I have found the tool you need. MySignature is a web tool that allows you to create an email signature for free. Simple to use, MySignature will allow you to create a personalized email signature compatible with a large number of email services such … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg’s Language Model called LLaMA AI Leaked


LLaMA, the artificial intelligence designed by Meta, was put online by a user, without the knowledge of the company, on the 4chan forum. He bypassed the group’s approval system to get his hands on the language model. This AI is the alternative to ChatGPT. In the wake of Google and Microsoft, Meta has also embarked on the … Read more

Type “Google Gravity” And click On “I’m feeling lucky”: You Will Never Believe What Is Happening!

Google Gravity

That’s one hell of a google hidden easter egg. When you type ‘Google Gravity’ and click ‘I’m lucky’, see what happens. Google is a perfect nest of easter eggs (small hidden features). After the famous game with the dinosaur when you are not connected to the internet, know that there is downright Google without gravity. Explanations on the concept and … Read more

7 Cool Animated Effects You Can Try On Google Serps

animated effects

Google isn’t just for searches. The search engine also has some super cool animated effects. But you have to have the right keywords to be able to try it.  Life is not always serious, sometimes you make room for fun and adventure. This is one of the reasons why Google likes to have fun too, at certain times. Especially when you … Read more

How Microsoft used ChatGPT to fly drones and robots


Microsoft believes that ChatGPT can revolutionize the robotics industry. Thanks to the artificial intelligence of OpenAI, it is indeed possible to control drones and robots without being a programming expert. Keen to take the lead in the AI ​​race, Microsoft pumped a fortune into OpenAI, the start-up behind ChatGPT. Backed by several massive investments, the Redmond giant quickly integrated … Read more

Increase Your photo Resolution Without Losing quality. New Image A. I Technology ImageUpscaler


Indeed, most of us have seen the need to enlarge photos on more than one occasion. But we all know that most times you enlarge a photo, it loses its high-quality resolution. Worry no more, the new Artificial intelligence known as ImageUpscaler from  ImgLarger is here to solve the situation.  We all know the task … Read more