University of Calgary Seeks 5 Korean Language Instructors

  • Company: University of Calgary
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Education Level: Bachelor
  • Job Type: Teaching

As an educated preceptor of the Korean language, an instigative occasion awaits you at the University of Calgary. The university is presently seeking good Korean language preceptors to educate introductory and intermediate courses at their lot in Alberta, Canada. You would have the chance to inspire scholars and partake your passion for the language and culture.

The University of Calgary has a pupil population of over 30,000, with a different range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university values global literacy and intercultural understanding, reflected in their wide array of language courses and study abroad programs. As an educator, you would educate 3- 4 courses per semester to scholars at varying skill situations. You must have native or nearnative ignorance in Korean and English, as well as a master’s degree or fellow.

This position provides a satisfying experience for those looking to take the coming step in their career at a top university. As a member of the Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and societies department, you would work alongside other language preceptors and have openings for professional development. For the good seeker, this part offers a competitive payment and benefits in a megacity honored for its quality of life.

University of Calgary’s Vibrant Korean Language Program

The University of Calgary has a vibrant Korean language program for scholars looking to learn this East Asian language. scholars have the occasion to study Korean at colorful situations, from freshman to advanced.

freshman and Intermediate Korean

For those just starting out, the university offers Korean Language 101, where scholars will learn the Korean ABC known as Hangul, introductory felicitations, and simple exchanges. In Korean 102, scholars will make on their freshman knowledge by expanding their vocabulary and literacy common expressions and questions.

At the intermediate position, courses like Korean 201 and 202 introduce scholars to more complex alphabet and vocabulary. scholars read short stories and essays on different motifs like culture, history and current events. Speaking and harkening chops are emphasized through conversational conditioning and audio accoutrements.

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Advanced Korean

For scholars looking to achieve ignorance, the university’s advanced Korean courses give an immersive literacy experience. In courses 301 and 302, scholars explore a range of written and spoken Korean centered around themes like society, economics and the terrain. scholars read and dissect authentic Korean textbooks like news papers and workshop of fabrication. Discussion and debate in Korean are integral corridor of these high position courses.

Study in Korea

For the most immersive experience, the university facilitates study abroad openings in Korea. scholars can spend a semester or time abroad at one of the university’s mate institutions like Yonsei University or Korea University, both in Seoul. Living and studying in Korea allows for a total Korean language and artistic absorption, accelerating scholars literacy.

The University of Calgary’s Korean language program provides a comprehensive education in the Korean language. From introductory to advanced situations, scholars will gain a strong foundation in reading, jotting, speaking and harkening in Korean. For the most devoted learners, study abroad in Korea offers an unequaled occasion to achieve ignorance in this critical language.

Open educator Positions for Fall 2024

The University of Calgary invites operations for parttime Korean language preceptors to educate in the Fall 2024 semester. The Department of East Asian Studies is seeking good individualities to lead Korean language courses at the freshman, intermediate and advanced situations.


aspirants should have a master’s degree or advanced in Korean language, linguistics, alternate language accession or a affiliated field. They should be suitable to demonstrate native or nearnative ignorance in both Korean and English. Preference will be given to those with experience tutoring Korean as a foreign language at the university position.


preceptors will be responsible for tutoring 3 credit language courses, including preparing and conducting engaging lectures, assignments, examinations and other course accoutrements . They will also hold regular office hours, give feedback and estimate pupil progress. The typical tutoring cargo is 3 courses per semester.

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preceptors will admit competitive remuneration commensurable with qualifications and experience. The University of Calgary offers a vibrant lot community with openings for professional development.

How to Apply

Interested aspirants should submit a cover letter, CV, tutoring gospel, and the names of three references to the Department of East Asian Studies. Review of operations will begin incontinently and continue until the position is filled.

For farther information about the Department of East Asian Studies or the Korean language program, please visit the university website.

The University of Calgary recognizes that a different staff benefits and enriches the work, literacy and exploration gests of the entire lot and lesser community. We’re committed to removing walls that have been historically encountered by some people in our society. We strive to retain individualities who’ll further enhance our diversity and will support their academic and professional success while they’re then. All good campaigners are encouraged to apply; still, Canadians and endless residers will be given precedence.

In your cover letter, please indicate which educator position( s) you wish to be considered for, and your applicable experience. The University of Calgary is committed to an indifferent, different, and inclusive pool. We encourage operations from all good campaigners, including women, members of visible nonages, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual exposure or gender identity.

Qualifications and Application Process for Instructor Candidates

To be considered for an educator position tutoring Korean language courses at the University of Calgary, campaigners must meet the following qualifications

Educational Conditions

aspirants should hold at least a master‘s degree in Korean language, linguistics, or a affiliated field. Degrees from accredited universities are preferred. campaigners with native or nearnative ignorance in Korean and English are ideal.

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tutoring Experience

former experience tutoring Korean as a foreign language is largely desirable. aspirants should be complete in communicative tutoring styles and suitable to educate all situations of Korean from freshman to advanced. Experience with class development is an asset.

Application Process

Interested campaigners should submit the following accoutrements through the University of Calgary careers website

  • Cover letter recapitulating your experience and qualifications
  • Class vitae or capsule detailing your education, tutoring experience, publications, and professional confederations
  • tutoring gospel statement describing your approach to tutoring Korean language and culture
  • Unofficial reiterations from allpost-secondary institutions attended

Two or three letters of recommendation from former professors or associates( voluntary)

operations will be reviewed by the Department of East Asian Studies on an ongoing base until positions are filled. Only shortlisted campaigners will be communicated for primary interviews. Final campaigners will be needed to educate a sample class and go through fresh webbing before a position offer is extended.

The University of Calgary is an equal occasion employer committed to hiring grounded on merit, excellence and different gests . We drink operations from all good campaigners.


As you have seen, the University of Calgary is seeking professed Korean language preceptors to join their department. With adding demand for Korean language courses and a growing pupil body interested in Korean studies, the University aims to expand their language program.

However, this part provides an instigative occasion to partake your knowledge and chops with motivated scholars in a different, multilateral literacy terrain, If you’re passionate about tutoring the Korean language and culture.

The University of Calgary has a character for excellence and invention, and as an educator, you would contribute to their charge of furnishing highquality education and an enriching pupil experience. For those looking to advance their tutoring career at a worldclass institution, this could be an ideal position. The chance to inspire scholars and open their minds to a new language and culture awaits.

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